Thursday, February 19, 2009

Exclusive: Tesco Still Trying to Open on Mill Road

Tesco have withdrawn their appeal against refusal of planning permission for refrigeration equipment on their proposed store on Mill Road, that was due to be held shortly at a public enquiry.

However, Coleridge Conservatives understand Tesco have not given up on opening the store on Mill Road, but believe they may be able to meet their needs for the new store without requiring this planning permission, by installing plant within the store, and they are due to meet the planning department shortly to discuss.

Tesco already has sufficient permissions to open a store on the existing store footprint, but had been seeking permission to install refrigeration equipment on the building.


Ruth said...

Hi Chris,

Are they planning to double up as sauna, then?

Even if they wanted to fit out the store with integral chiller cabinets that didn't require external plant, they'd still need air conditioning for both the shop floor and the back of house offices. That would still require planning permission and, as we all know they've so far been refused permission for air conditioning plant as well as refrigeration plant.

Looks like another attempt by Tesco to spin yet another embarrassing defeat, since they obviously realised they were going to lose the appeal that they've just withdrawn from.


Chris Howell said...

I haven't spoken to Tesco, but whatever their reasons, if they thought they were in a position to go to appeal and win, then you would have thought that is what they would have tried to do.

It would certainly be disappointing if Tesco try opening by pushing to the limits what they can do without specific planning consents (and transport regulations for that matter with regard to deliveries) - be interesting to see what happens next.


Ruth said...

I also wonder why, if it were really true that they could open with no further need for planning permission at all, they would have bothered with an appeal against refusal of refrigeration and air conditioning plant, since the plant would give no added value to them over what they are apparently saying they can do now, just a lot of planning-related extra expense. If they could have done it without planning permission, they'd have done it already.

Chris Howell said...

Indeed, there is still a way to go in working out where Tesco is coming from!