Thursday, June 19, 2008

Introducing your next MP for Cambridge

Richard Normington the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Cambridge (pictured above campaigning with David Willetts MP in Coleridge) has just launched his new campaign website,

I've known Richard for a number of years, and think he is going to make an excellent Member of Parliament for Cambridge - he grew up in Cambridgeshire, and has lived in Romsey ward in the City for some time. Despite the risk of unpopularity with some Conservative colleagues he has been energetically leading the campaign against congestion charging in the City, which gives me high hopes that as MP he will be a much more effective campaigner on issues like A14 improvements than the current incumbent.

The Conservative vote share in local elections in Cambridge has been rising rapidly over the last few years, as both Labour and the Liberal Democrats have fallen back, so we are looking forward to Richard being elected, which I think will be excellent news for Cambridge!


Phil Rodgers said...

In the 2005 General Election, the Conservative candidate came a poor third, with 16.5%, less than half the vote of the second-placed Labour candidate. Since then, your local election vote has increased by a dizzying 5.9%, indicating that the Conservative candidate in the next General Election is also likely to come a poor third. Unless the Greens do particularly well, of course.

Chris Howell said...

As encouraging as it is to read such complacency from Lib Dem activists such as yourself, surely you should be more concerned that the 44% vote share you polled in the General Election in 2005 has collapsed to a vote share of 31.2% in the local elections in the constituency this May. ( - and there is still nearly 2 years to go until 2010...