Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Action at last on Ruth Bagnall Court Parking

An issue that I have been moaning to the County Council about for ages looks like it might finally be heading for a solution.

Despite a perfectly adequate underground car park, there is always a row of cars parked on Coleridge Road outside Ruth Bagnall Court, causing problems for road users near the Mill Road junction, and resulting in numerous previous complaints. I've now received this from the County Council:

"For some considerable time the County Council has had limited funding for minor traffic management measures, which would include the introduction of short lengths of new parking or waiting restrictions such as double yellow lines in Coleridge Road adjacent to Ruth Bagnall Court. However, funding is now available to progress a small number of schemes including this one.

As you are probably aware, there is a statutory legal process we are required follow to introduce traffic regulation orders (TROs) prior to implementing any parking or waiting restrictions on street. To commence the statutory process any proposals must be advertised to allow people an opportunity to object.

This TRO will be advertised on 20th November 2009 in the Cambridge Evening News and notices erected on street indicating that objections must be received by 14th December 2009. Any objections will then be considered by the Cambridge Traffic Management Area Joint Committee (CAJC) at its meeting on 25th January 2010.

If no objections are received or if objections are not upheld and the scheme is approved by the CAJC we can then complete the legal processes to enable the order to come into operation and arrange for the installation of any necessary road marking /signing on-street."


Anonymous said...

> Despite a perfectly adequate underground car park

... but not free ... whereas Coleridge Road parking is free. I guess this will just shift the cars further down the road.

Chris Howell said...

I have previously been in touch with the management company (luminus) for Ruth Bagnall Court about usage of the car park, and had the following back:

"There are a total of 72 flats at the scheme, 45 private / sale flat and 27 key worker rentals for Luminus.

All the private sale flats were sold with a secure underground car parking space as part of the sale agreement. We are left with 13 spaces for our 27 flats."

i.e. the car parking spaces are included with the flats, I am guessing the parking spaces advertised for rent are surplus to requirements for the private flats, with parking for the rental flats being in rather shorter supply. That said, I'm told the car park is usually mostly empty, so there must be scope for at least some of the people who park out the front for convenience having entitlement to a space in the car park that they could use as an alternative...