Saturday, April 10, 2010

Planning Reception moves to Mandela House

At the start of this month, the planning reception on the second floor of the Guildhall closed, and queries on planning applications will now be dealt with by the customer services centre at Mandela House, who are now the first point of contact for the Council's environment and planning department.

There should be a separate check-in area for planning queries at the customer service centre and a duty planning officer - if residents need to contact the case officer for a particular application, they can be phoned, or a meeting setup in the Guildhall.

One definite improvement being rolled out from 1st April, is that plans, drawings and documentation for planning applications will now be available online at

The plans will however involve significant headcount reductions in the planning department - with more straightforward queries being dealt with by customer services staff. I would be interested to know how the changes to the system are working for those that deal with the planning department.

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