Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coleridge Election Result

Thank you to everyone who voted Conservative on Thursday in Coleridge and to the many people who helped my campaign for the city council election.

The result of the city council election was a win for Labour with the Conservatives again taking second place. The Liberal Democrats appear to have benefitted from their profile in the parliamentary contest. Adjusted for general election turnout the green performance was slightly down on last year's while the UKIP vote was squeezed.

1320 (32.3%) .. Lewis Herbert (Labour)
1160 (28.4%) .. Andrew Bower (Conservative)
1040 (25.5%) .. Thomas Yates (Liberal Democrat)
446 (10.9%) .. Valerie T Hopkins (Green)
118 (2.9%) .. Albert Watts (UK Independence Party)

Congratulations to my Labour opponent, Councillor Lewis Herbert, whose work for local residents has clearly been recognised. Coleridge Conservatives will continue to try to work with ward councillors from other parties where we share common ground.

Well done to Nick Hillman for moving us into second place in the parliamentary elections in Cambridge, building on the excellent work done by former candidate Richard Normington, who was personally responsible for reviving the Conservative campaign in Cambridge in the period since the last general election, resulting in us coming second in Cambridge in the European elections last year.

Special thanks to Chris Howell, Coleridge and Cambridge's top councillor and top Conservative campaigner, to Richard Normington, Coleridge branch chairman and to Tim Haire, Cambridge Conservatives' excellent new political deputy chairman. The work for 2011 begins now!

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Frugal Dougal said...

Hear hear! Commiserations to Andrew and Nick - better luck at the next General Election, which probably won't be too far away!