Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cherry Hinton Care Home Redevelopment Begins

Work has now started on the controversial extension to the nursing home at 369 Cherry Hinton Road. Two semi-detached houses have already been demolished, and the site is being prepared for construction.

There has already been an issue over the removal of some trees that were due to be retained in the approved plans, so this morning I was at a site meeting this morning including planners, the developers and local residents, to talk through this and any other issues.

The trees at the front of the site were removed in error - and the developer has reassured me that similar trees (and more) will be replanted when the work is complete.

Another issue of interest that has arisen (particularly for the planning appeal being held in July against the refusal of permission for a development at the other end of the close) is the level of the water table - apparently it is very high - a test hole filled immediately with water. Perhaps not unrelated to this, the road further up the close is currently very unstable - the developers have stopped lorries reversing there in case the road or pavement collapses.

I will be following up this issue with the highways department, and the developer has promised to keep residents informed about progress on the works (due to last 40 weeks). If there are any further comments about the site, please be in touch and I can pass them on.

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Frugal Dougal said...

In a study on nursing homes I did in Glasgow, I found that another effect, not often considered, is the importing of people - ill enough to be in a nursing home, obviously - into GPs' surgeries.