Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Parkside Federation's academy application

Well done to the Parkside Federation, including Coleridge Community College, for voting to apply for academy status. I hope the application is successful and that as an academy it can flourish without the dead hand of the state!

It seems the Labour county councillor for Coleridge, who is one of the governors who voted against the scheme, is sticking with his party colours in opposing this move. That's a shame - David Cameron made sure that his MPs supported Labour's policies, such as the original academy programme, when he thought they were right for the country.


Amanda said...

Andrew, are you really describing county councillors in a Tory-led council as 'the dead hand of the state'?

I wonder why you want to be a councillor if you have so little regard for democracy?

Andrew Bower said...


You don't have to think the government should do as much as possible to believe in democracy!

Can I take it from your question that you occupy the statist wing of the Liberal Democrats rather than that of the Orange Bookers?