Wednesday, February 8, 2012

East Area Committee

The city council's East Area Committee (covering Coleridge ward) meets again tomorrow, Thursday 9 February at 7pm at the Cherry Trees Day Centre. All members of the public are invited to attend and ask questions.

I definitely recommend going and contributing for anyone who wants to see action on anything in particular, but watch out, it is likely to go on a bit as councillors do like the sound of their own voices and some get very confused, often...

There's even an opportunity to volunteer to help run the Cambridge Half Marathon. (But see the Big Society running event!)

The agenda is:
  • 1. Cambridge Half Marathon
  • 2. Tree Planting on Parks and Open Space
  • 3. Apologies For Absence
  • 4. Declarations Of Interest
  • 5. To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 15 December 2012.
  • 6. Matters & Actions Arising From The Minutes
  • 8. Cambridgeshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team - New Drug Treatment Service Provider
  • 9. Tree Planting on Parks and Open Space
  • 10. Environmental Improvement Programme
  • 11. Information Report - Results of Consultation for Proposed Loading Bay at 103 Mill Road
  • 12. Alternative Future Arrangements for East Area Committee meetings
  • 13. East Area Capital Grants Programme - Application and Project Appraisal for St. Philips Church, Mill Road
  • 14. Planning Applications
  • 14a. 11/1321/FUL: 129 - 131 Vinery Road, Cambridge
  • 14b. 11/1432/FUL: 13-14 Mercers Row
  • 14c. Land formerly known as the rear of 7 – 9 Mill Road, Cambridge, now 1a Willis Road, Cambridge

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