Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Lib Dem leaves Cambridge!

Lib Dem City Councillor Jennifer Liddle has a new address.

Her term isn't due to end until 2012, but she will now be serving her East Chesterton constituents from Woodditton near Newmarket.

I wonder if the next local elections will yet again see sanctimonious Lib Dems criticising opposition candidates who may live only a couple of hundred metres outside a ward boundary as being completely inappropriate based on the fact they don't live in the ward they seek to represent...

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NickW said...

Who can blame her?

I dare say Councillor Liddle has voted with her feet and moved to a lower tax / better service authority like Forest Heath DC. I believe Forest Heath currently levy's approximately £300 less for a Band D property,

I think it's a disgrace that she should have to move 15 miles away from friends and family to escape the punitive City Council taxes.

Well I blame the politicians - she should write to her Councillor...ummmm???