Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Police respond to unlit cyclists on Mill Road

It was good to see a police officer checking for cyclists without lights on Mill Road tonight. An earlier survey by Coleridge Conservatives, that hit the front page of Cambridge News, showed that 50% of lights that should have been present and on were either absent, dim or obscured. We don't know exactly how many people were therefore not properly lit (as we were checking light positions independently, not cycles as a whole) but it would obviously have had to have been at least half.

The officer I spoke to tonight reckoned 80% of people he'd seen weren't lit properly. That's a damning statistic, but I'm glad that they haven't just done a symbolic annual check on Sidney Street but seem to be taking the problem seriously.


Frugal Dougal said...

Cyclists need to be well-lit in the dark anywhere, but on a busy thoroughfare like Mill Road to go unlit is idiotic. Well done the police.

Richard J said...

And how many of the motor vehicles were not properly lit, or did the police ignore those and just stop cyclists?