Friday, September 19, 2008

Cleaning Rustat Rd

Following a complaint from a local resident, I've been in extensive correspondence with the City Council about how the standards of gutter cleaning can be improved on Rustat Rd - they are currently in a very poor state. Turns out to be less straightforward than you might think, mostly because of problems of getting cars to move so mechanical sweepers can operate, rather than less effective and more time consuming manual sweeping, particularly in view of the commuter parking problems that the Lib Dem dominated Joint Traffic Committee refuse to address.

So on Wednesday I met up with the Head of Streetscene at the City Council and one of our three Labour Councillors to discuss the problem, accompanied at various times by curious local residents. It was agreed the road cleaning is not currently adequate, and the Councillors will try to work together with the local residents association to get people to move their cars on a chosen Saturday afternoon to give it a proper clean, starting at the Cherry Hinton Road end. Lets hope the spirit of co-operation can continue!

Gutter cleaning is now done on a reactive basis to avoid problem roads going too long between cleaning sessions, so if there are any other roads in the ward that need gutter cleaning more regularly, please be in touch.

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