Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sainsbury 1, Asda 0

Is the score in the shopping trolley removal stakes. After ringing both stores on Monday morning, the Sainsbury trolley has gone, the Asda trolleys were still there this afternoon. I've just emailed Head Office:

Dear Asda,

I am a Cambridge City Councillor representing Coleridge Ward. I rang the Cambridge store to report 2 abandoned Asda shopping trolleys on Monday morning - they are still there this afternoon - one near the junction of Hobart Rd and Suez Road, the other on Brackyn Road near the junction with Coleridge Rd.

Can these please be removed as soon as possible and let me know when they have been removed - if this is not done within a couple of days I will be taking it up with the Council,

Many thanks, Chris

1 comment:

Donald Douglas said...

Good work - great blog: re shopping trollies, maybe you could threaten Asda with a letter to the CEN entitled Sainsbury 1, Asda 0 as well...