Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cycling Demonstration Town Improvements Announced

The county council has announced the improvements that it plans to put in place with the money from its successful bid for Cambridge to become a 'Cycling Demonstration Town'.

There seem to be some genuinely good improvements here that will add value for cyclists; it will not just be a case of splashing some white paint around.

Some of the plans for outside Cambridge should also help people in surrounding villages to be able to leave their cars at home when coming into the city, thereby potentially easing congestion in the city.

We'd be keen to know of any potential problems with these proposals but overall it looks as if the county council should be congratulated for this work. We'll be hoping to get more information on some of these schemes.

Some of the major features of the plan that I've picked out as being especially helpful for Cambridge are:
  • Cycle training for children and adults
  • Speed reviews in residential areas and links
  • Chisholm Trail feasibility study
  • Cycle Parking: review and new facilities
  • Interactive and additional signing
  • Refreshing and improving existing facilities
  • Rapid response crew; dedicated works team to implement small-scale minor work
For residents in and around Coleridge these specific schemes will be relevant:
  • Improvements to Hills Road and bridge
  • Widening of the Tins Path between Burnside and Cherry Hinton
  • Review of facilities on Cherry Hinton Road between Hills Road and Cherry Hinton High Street
Coleridge Conservatives are in touch with the county council cabinet on these plans so please let us know what you think.

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