Thursday, November 6, 2008

Environmental Improvements: City Council must get its act together

I'm pressing the Council for action on a couple of projects that can loosely be described as environmental improvements. One is my election pledge to try opening an official cycle route between Ashbury Close and Golding Road, the other to fix the 'missing footpath' problem on Rustat Road near the cycle bridge.

The City Council has an official 'environmental improvements' budget that the area committees decide how to spend, and the same staff can be involved in projects to spend s106 funds from developers. Trouble is, the City Council does not have enough of the designers/engineers required to implement these projects, so progress has practically ground to a halt. The result is that Council budgets, and more crucially money received from developers that may have to be paid back if it isn't spent is sitting unused. Area Committee meetings come and go, with little progress to show in this area. The Council has know about this problem for months, and failed to fix it. I am calling on them to get their act together so we can have some progress on these much needed schemes, as it is beginning to look shambolic.


Thomas said...

Oh, glad to hear that that missing pavement is on the list to be addressed. Why was this not paid for by the developers of the new development nearby - was this another case of poor development control?

Chris Howell said...

I think its fair to say this section of pavement is only on the list to be addressed because I'm pushing for it to be on the list. Agreed it should have been fixed at the time of the new development, but the problem now doesn't appear to be money - its just the City Council getting its act together.