Friday, December 5, 2008

Drain Fixed at Last

When I get requests for action from local residents, I can normally split them instantly into three categories, those where I know I can get something done, those where I know there are significant reasons why the action requested can't (or indeed shouldn't in my opinion) be done, and those where I'm just not sure what will be possible.

Fixing the drains on Cherry Hinton Road should have been firmly in the first category, but with the saga it turned in to, I was starting to have my doubts. However, I have just had the following email back from the resident who orginally complained, way back before I was elected in May:

"Work was finally done on the blocked drain on 26 Nov ! It has rained since and the problem seems to have been solved."

Many thanks to the County Council for persevering with the technical problems involved here - hopefully this has now finally fixed the problem.

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