Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tesco Approved on Leisure Park

At this evening’s East Area Committee, Councillors have voted to approve all three of Tesco’s planning applications that they required to open their store on Cambridge Leisure Park. The applications concerned a new shop front, signage, cash machines, refrigeration equipment and fencing around a delivery yard.

Coleridge Conservatives are pleased with this outcome – we spoke to many local residents about Tesco’s plans, and overall think it will be a valuable addition to local facilities, and will be welcomed by most if not all local residents.

They still need to get through licencing if they want to sell alcohol on the site, but are already working inside the shop and plan to open within a few weeks.


Richard Irvine, rdgi2atcamdotacdotuk said...

As a ward resident, I am very concerned about the impact this will have on small traders on Cherry Hinton Road. At a time of economic uncertainty, the impact of this decision could well be to reduce the level of availability and choice in the local area. I would urge the local conservatives (among whose number I have traditionally counted myself, although I may not be able to vote for the party locally given the nature of recent announcements) to rethink their strategy and support local small business.

Chris Howell said...

Hi Richard, Thanks for the comment - there are clearly arguments on both sides, but ultimately we came to our conclusion that the overall impact of this development would be positive (increase in competition, potentially lower prices/better choice etc outweighs legitimate concerns about the viability of other shops in the area and Tesco's dominant market share in Cambridge), and having spoken to many residents in your area on balance it would be popular, if not universally welcomed - we would consider future developments of this type on their merits. Chris