Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good news on 114 bus route

Some good news from the County Council on the 114 bus route. This route is subsidised by both the City and County Council, and the service has recently been reviewed and retendered.

Following complaints about the large, old buses in particularly using Lichfield Road I've been lobbying the County council for some time to ask that the retendering exercise included specifying smaller buses that have better access for people with limited mobility.

I've just had this back from the County Council:

"I can now confirm that the service level on the 114 service will be maintained from April. There is a small change on a Saturday where the gap in the timetable for the drivers break has shifted but the same number of journeys remain.

In terms of the vehicles these will be newer low floor vehicles, although the vehicle provided by Whippet may not be available by mid-April. It has been bought but is being refurbished at present and should be delivered soon after the new contract starts."

Many thanks to the County Council for responding to our concerns here.

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