Sunday, March 15, 2009

Latest Graffiti Outbreak by 'Melon'

I have just reported a spate of graffiti tagging to the city council, a particularly bad example being the large mural above by "Melon" on a wall next the Coleridge Rec pool.

Here is a list of graffiti reports that we have recently made across the division:
We have been asking the council to pass on these reports to the police, because there is no way we can get tackling this sort of crime resourced without it being fully reported. There is generally thought to be a high level of under reporting due to people's expectations that nothing will be done, but local police have been urging people to report all crimes, and if they weren't, we certainly would!

As well as resourcing, we also need to help the police with intelligence as much as possible. For instance, can you pinpoint the time of any particular activity? Do your children have a clue who "ATS" (these initials often accompany the "MELON" tag) might be? Please let us know or e-mail "ecops.coleridge" at "" if you have any ideas.

The "Melon" tagger also painted his full mural onto the side of the Duke of Argyle pub some time between Midnight and the morning on Wednesday 11th March. Did anyone see anything?


robert said...

didnt see anything, but it looks nice

Anonymous said...

when i grow up i want to be like melon

Anonymous said...

Man that melon dude has a dope style.

Why report it? Leave it up, looks great! :)

Anonymous said...

keep taggin .mr snore