Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exclusive: Tesco set to open on Mill Road

Coleridge Conservatives understand that Tesco are pressing ahead with their plan to open on Mill Road, and are working to an opening date of 26th August. It is anticipated that work will start on site a few weeks before this date.

Its fair to say some very interesting questions about planning permission and how deliveries can comply with traffic regulations remain to be answered...

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Ruth said...

It certainly will be interesting! It will also be interesting to know how they intend to be able to make planning history by becoming the first people to install commercial air conditioning units without needing planning permission.

It's now 530 days (assuming my adding up is right) since the first day they were definitely going to open up - 28 Jan 2008. It's also a year since the last time they were going to "start work" on the store. Call me a crazed empiricist, but I'll believe it'll open on the day they cut the ribbon and ring their first 22p can of lager through the tills.