Monday, July 6, 2009

Tiverton House Planning Application Received

Some stop press news - a planning application was received by the City Council late last week for work on Tiverton House, but it is only for very limited works - the conversion of the former warden's flat into two flats, and the provision of 12 new cycle parking spaces in the existing garden. (I think there may be a couple of formalities before it is accepted as a valid application, so can't find it on the planning portal yet)

Having read through the application this morning, it looks to me like the new owner of Tiverton House is not thinking of making any further planning applications, and is intending to re-open the whole of Tiverton House for 'private sector rental' if this application is allowed.

I am urgently seeking clarification with the planning department of what advice has been issued to the applicants about what will be permissible with and without planning permission - significant works have already been undertaken and we want an on site meeting to check every detail not covered by the new application is permissible - there was some correspondence during the election period that the officers couldn't discuss due to election rules.

We believe that this application should really be considered as a change of use of the whole building (all the plans accompanying the planning application are for the whole site), and the application judged accordingly.

We will be working with other ward Councillors to try and maximise the input allowed from local residents - I would like a follow up public meeting to get into the details of what is permissible under planning law, and will be requesting the application is determined by Councillors rather than officers - likely to be at a future area committee.

More details when we have them.

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