Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Last chance to sign up for the open primary!

Registration for Cambridge Conservatives' open primary to select our prospective parliamentary candidate closes at midnight tonight. Register NOW!

However you normally vote, it is in the best interests of our city for all parties to present the strongest candidate possible so if you are a city elector and you are available on Saturday morning then this is your chance to make a difference!


Scott said...

Can anyone go? Even if they haven't registered? I missed the deadline.

Andrew Bower said...

Hi Scott,

I'm afraid the registration deadline is a hard one. Any voter in the constituency could have registered up to midnight last night, although local party members can still turn up without registering.

Scott said...

That's a shame, I'd have liked to have come and watched. I'm not a paryt member, but very interested in seeing who the next candidate will be.