Thursday, December 3, 2009

Latest Rosenstiel Rage Incident Hits CEN

The latest Rosenstiel Rage incident has hit the CEN.

Someone calling themselves Colin Rosenstiel has posted in the comments to this article:

"There was a time when your newspaper would support its readers who find themselves in conflict with unreasoning abuse of authority by minor public officials. Regrettably you have chosen to further a political attack"

If this a genuine comment from Cllr Rosenstiel then it is a total disgrace - completely unrepentant for his actions that resulted in delays to the journey of many people, and showing a complete lack of respect for the British Transport Police - whose judgement with regard to what might be reasonable in ensuring public safety on the railways I would trust rather more than Cllr Rosenstiel's.

I wonder if Cambridge Liberal Democrats will demonstrate equally poor judgement and carry on as ever supporting Cllr Rosenstiel.


Richard said...

A political attack? Only if, like Colin, you believe the British Transport Police to be the paramilitary wing of the Conservative Party.

Nick W said...

Colin Rosenstiel Said

'One thing that annoys me is the abuse of power'


That is the funniest thing I have read all week


I am laughing so much I think I might have to call an ambulance!