Monday, March 29, 2010

City Farm Proposed for Cherry Hinton Hall

A new group has been formed to champion the setting up of a City Farm at Cherry Hinton Hall. The plans are to  create and operate a 'vibrant and active City Farm and Community Garden' on the currently disused propagation centre site in Cherry Hinton Hall. The plant propagation centre was shut a few years ago in a round of Lib Dem cuts.

The proposers hope volunteers could be found to help run the farm, that would give people a chance to interact with animals and learn about food production.

More details are available here: - would be interested to know any local resident's views.


Frugal Dougal said...

That looks like a great idea! I hope it comes to fruition.

Equinox said...

Sounds like a nice idea - though it is within walking distance of the countryside so to call it a city farm is a little misleading...

Anonymous said...

great idea, but very much the wrong location.
Cherry Hinton Hall has a tranquil atmosphere which this proposal would radically change.
While it may be a great idea for the farm it is not necessarily a good idea for the existing users of the hall grounds.