Saturday, March 6, 2010

Progress at The Forum, Tiverton Way

I was at the latest meeting organised by the Tiverton Estate Action Group for interested parties to review progress mitigating the impact of the new student residence, The Forum, which replaced Tiverton House.

Good progress was reported from the November meeting which I had also attended. In particular the owners, Whitfield Group, had made successful efforts at solving some of the problems at and around the site.

Coleridge Conservatives have found that residents of the estate still report a significant problem with students' cars parking (which is not permitted by Anglia Ruskin University), there are still some noise problems and it remains to be seen whether much of the improvement is simply down to the cold weather.

But things are clearly looking much better than they would have done had residents not taken such a strong lead in bringing together relevant groups to solve the problems that have resulted from the Lib Dems' failure to dispose of council property appropriately and a broken planning system that deprived local people of a say. Residents have also at last been granted an audience with ARU.

It is hoped that further planned measures will help with relations with students, particularly in the next academic year.

Well done to local residents and thanks to Whitfield Group for their cooperation.

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