Thursday, March 20, 2008

Action Now on the A14

I occassionally sign petitions on the Number 10 petitions website - not sure if it does any good, but at least it lets someone in Government know that I feel strongly about something, and get to hear their response.

One petition I signed because I feel very strongly is the call for urgent action to upgrade the A14 - and Number 10 has just published their response:

"The Government fully recognises the need for improvement of the A14 in Cambridgeshire.
The Government is aware of concern that the scheme should be delivered as quickly as possible and of the level of support for it. The Government intends to progress the scheme as rapidly as practicable. However, the time taken to design the scheme and complete the statutory procedures required to authorise its construction cannot be reduced. It is important that the people who may be affected by the scheme, or have other interests in it, are given the opportunity to comment on the proposals.
Funding approval for the scheme to proceed to the next stage in its development, the publication of draft Orders and Environmental Statement, has been given. It is only when construction work is ready to start that funds for major trunk road improvements are finally committed.
Traffic modelling has been undertaken and will be updated to include the latest planning assumptions to ensure that up to the design year, (15 years after opening of the scheme) sufficient capacity is included in the design of the scheme."

So interesting stuff - there is no problem with funding etc, its just taking time to go through the process. I think it is now time for out local elected representatives to look very closely at the timetable and see what can be speeded up - its hard to believe the plans are progressing as quickly as they could be...

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