Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hills Road Roadworks

There are going to be major roadworks needed to construct the new cycleway under Hills Road bridge as part of the Guided Bus project. I think this is going to be excellent news for cyclists and bus users from the South of the City when it is finished, but the thought of significant disruption during construction is worrying. I've checked with the guided bus team, and this is the latest on the plan for these works:

"The works at Hills Road bridge will be done with temporary traffic lights rather than a complete closure of the road. There will be at least one lane each way for motor traffic and also a footpath and cycleway each way (though this might be narrower than the existing footpath/cycleways).The exact plans for the traffic management are being finalised at the moment. Once we can confirm these details we will publicise them widely in the press, media, on our website and through direct mailing. We will also produce a separate leaflet for the works on Hills Road."

So not a complete closure, which is good news, but when these works are scheduled local Councillors will need to be on top of the plans to make sure they minimise disruption to local residents as much as possible.

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