Monday, March 10, 2008

In it for the long run

As you may have read in my last In Touch newsletter, I have just run in the Barcelona Marathon. I am really pleased with my time 3 hours, 1 min and 8 seconds, but I can't help thinking is there anything else I could have done to get under the magic 3 hour mark that I was aiming for - similar thoughts to when I lost in Coleridge last year by only 18 votes! The answer of course is that even when you have worked for something for a long time, there is always more that could be done, and if you keep trying you will usually get there in the end. (Not that I'm thinking of running another marathon - oh no).

On the plus side, I hope to have raised several hundred pounds for the Myasthenia Gravis Association, a medical research and support charity. My mother was seriously ill with this neurological condition 3 years ago, but thanks to some powerful drugs and the NHS is now making good progress. The sponsorship page is still open at

Meanwhile, I'm still off newsletter delivery duty until my legs recover!

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