Sunday, May 4, 2008

Officially a Councillor

I didn't get quite as much sleep as planned after the count on Friday morning because I was at the Guildhall just after midday on Friday to sign my acceptance of office and officially become a City Councillor.

It has to be said I have been disappointed with the response (or lack of) from both the City and County Council to my questions and requests over the last few months. In particular, earlier in the year, the planning department refused to meet with Conservative representatives including myself to talk about the major planning sites around the City, where in the planning process these sites were, and what influence members of the public and Councillors could have on the process going forwards. I took the opportunity to ask the Chief Executive why this was the case, and he confirmed that there are still some key posts unfilled. This is all worrying stuff, in view of the sheer amount of development that is planned, and I'll be raising this issue again.

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