Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tiverton House

In response to queries on the doorstep in the Tiverton Way area, I've asked the Council about future plans for Tiverton House, and in summary, this is the situation:

1) Disposal was approved in November 2007 by the Lib Dem City Council. A sales agent was appointed, and the final residents left in March. There has been some work going on to prepare sales materials.

2) The Council has not yet received any planning enquiries from interested parties but these are expected very soon as the full information packs are being sent to prospective purchasers

3) The planning officer is clear that there isn't any option other than residential use .There are two likely outcomes either the building will be retained and adapted internally to upgrade the flats and eliminate the design idiosyncrasies or it will be demolished and the site redeveloped residentially.

4) the Council as vendor would be unlikely to put constraints on the disposal as the main requirement is to maximise the sale receipt.In the case of internal adaptations and refurb the potential for nuisance for local residents should not be great . In the case of redevelopment there could be the normal impact associated with a building site but the Council as planning authority would can set working hours limits and require the developer to work to the considerate contractor scheme

So in short, it isn't clear yet what will happen to the building or the site, but I'll be keeping on the case when there is some more news to make sure the impact on local residents is kept as low as possible.

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