Monday, August 18, 2008

Britten Place Pavements Revisited

I checked the state of this paving in Britten Place and nearby in Trevone Place last week. As this area forms a part of the surrounding housing, it falls under the responsibility of the City Council. Chris Howell had reported this area back in April and it was earmarked for improvements this year, hence the tape that had been erected to surround the area.

Unfortunately the condition of the paving has deteriorated further and is now quite dangerous, while the posts and warning tape have fallen down. We have now asked if something can be done sooner rather than later.

If there is anywhere else that needs attention then the Fix My Street website is an excellent way of reporting it as reports go directly to the council as well as being available for other interested parties to check on progress. Your Coleridge Conservative team is happy to help chase up such issues.

UPDATE: The City Council has now said that works should be undertaken within the next two months that will see the paving slabs replaced with tarmac - we want faster action but it is significant progress to have a date that we can try to hold the Council to. CJH

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