Sunday, August 17, 2008

Police Meeting nearly arranged

After huge numbers of complaints about the lack of policing of the traffic during the single lane working on Hills Road bridge, it looks like arrangements are nearly in place for a meeting between an Inspector Hutchinson from Parkside, local Councillors and other interested parties. It is hoped the meeting will take place in September before the next (and hopefully final) period of single lane working due for late September.

Both the County Council and myself personally asked the police to undertake traffic enforcement against the huge numbers of dangerous manoeuvres carried out by drivers during these works. The chaos was obvious to anyone looking at the Hills Rd/Cherry Hinton Road junction during periods of single lane working.

Personally I think that if nothing changes, there is a real risk of a cyclist of pedestrian being killed or seriously injured during these works - I will certainly want to know where the chain of communication broke down such that the police didn't seem to want to act appropriately.

Please let me know if you have any views on the specific police enforcement actions that would be appropriate.

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