Friday, August 1, 2008

Cycle Parking Again

The East Area committee last night didn't just discuss refrigeration plant and equipment - it also talked about environmental improvement schemes for East Area. One small part of this I found particularly annoying in view of my previous concerns about cycle parking in new developments - I have just sent the following to the planning department:

At East Area Committee last night, Councillors were presented with an environmental improvement project for Fairsford Place cycle parking.

The officers report states:
'This potential scheme has been requested by residents on this fairly new development which does not cater well for cycle parking.'

Although the sum of money to be spent is relatively small (estimated less than £3k), I am deeply concerned both that new development is allowed in Cambridge with insufficient cycle parking space, and that the Council should now be picking up the bill for rectifying this.

I would like to understand if the problem in this case is failure of the developer to comply with agreed planning permission and conditions, failure to enforce existing local plan minimum cycling parking standards by the Council when granting permission, or inadequacy of the local plan standards.

Could you please let me know:
What planning permissions have been granted in Fairsford Place?
What provision the agreed plans made for cycle parking?
How the provision agreed compares to the local plan?

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