Monday, October 27, 2008

Meeting Budgens

I have had a useful meeting with the manager at the Budgens on Adkins Corner this morning to discuss a couple of issues - namely delivery lorries and the state of the pavements outside.

On delivery lorries, the situation is complicated by the fact that like many Budgens stores, this shop is now run as a franchise. So the delivery problem is the responsibility of Budgens centrally, not the local store, although they are keen to work together to get a solution.

The problem is large lorries reversing off Perne Road causing a danger to passing pedestrians and damage to property:

The local store management have agreed to provide high visibility 'banksmen' for all deliveries by articulated lorry - the problem now is working out arrangements for letting the store know in advance that a lorry is about to deliver, but hopefully some progress.

The pavements outside Budgens have been a constant source of complaint, and I know of at least one case where compensation is being pursued after a trip - this incident resulted in a couple of paving slabs being replaced. However, the whole area could do with improvement (and some better cycle parking) but the problem area is actually private land, and it is the responsibility of the building owner, not Budgens to do something about this. I will try to make contact with them, but I think getting something done about this issue is going to be in the 'difficult' pile for some time...

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