Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pink Festival Noise

A follow up to my previous post about noise problems at this year's Pink Festival.

I've now had a chance to discuss with Council officers the results of the debrief held, and as a result, there will be revisions next year of how noise pollution at this event is managed, to help ensure better compliance (if the Pink Festival is run next year - it is a volunteer effort not organised by the City Council - hopefully any changes will also apply to the Folk Festival).

One of the problems identified was the lack of ways for the public or Councillors of contacting organisers or the Council during the event with noise complaints - I was certainly unaware of how to take any action during the event. The Council gave contact numbers to Cherry Hinton ward Councillors but not Coleridge Councillors, which obviously isn't helpful as although it is just inside Cherry Hinton, the site is almost on the boundary of three wards. And then the organiser's mobile number was given incorrectly! Hopefully next time Councillors in at least the three closest wards will get the relevant numbers, and City Council noise officers will be available at the key times, but we would also like to see noise levels lower than last year, particularly later on in the evening.

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