Monday, October 27, 2008

Request made for Speedwatch

Following my previous post, I have formally requested that Coleridge is considered as a pilot scheme for the new residents' 'Speedwatch' schemes being started by the police and County Council, specifically in the Coleridge Road and Lichfield Road area. Speeding has been raised as a key issue on these roads when we have been speaking to people on the doorstep, and I think there will be significant support from local residents.

The County Council has confirmed that my request has been received and handed over to Cambridgeshire Constabulary, who are co-ordinating such requests.


Interested Resident said...

Cllr Howell did not support the scheme in January! He and one Lib Dem voted against it.

Chris Howell said...

Dear Interested resident,

You are very much mistaken - I did not vote against the scheme in january. You may have got your misinformation from Labour who published briefly then had to retract that I voted against the scheme in January, when I pointed out this was simply not true.

I proposed an amendment to the local policing priorities suggesting that speeding enforcement should be done by the police who have the proper powers and authority to deal with the problem. Sadly Labour Councillors on the committee blocked this suggestion, so I then _supported_ the original recommendations including supporting speedwatch.

As you have already read on the other post you commented on, the decision to turn down my amendment proved to be a bad one as speedwatch has not resulted in any significant activity to tackle the problem, my amendment was accepted in May we have now been promised some police enforcement action.