Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Big Brother-in-chief Woolas bottles it

Government minister Phil Woolas was supposed to come to the St Andrews Street Post Office this morning to open a biometric facility. Coleridge Conservatives and Nick Hillman joined the local NO2ID group to give him the kind of welcome he wasn't looking forward to, but it seems the minister was unable to visit due to 'the weather'.

We are suprised Mr Woolas would have wanted to be associated with the government's unpopular identity agenda but hope we have helped to get the message across a bit more that the scheme is not needed and not wanted.

We didn't notice any Labour councillors.


Frugal Dougal said...

In the present financial climate Mr Woolas would be a fool to associate himself with the various ID schemes. Perhaps he's working on an agenda of "say what you want but do nothing" on the assumption that Labour are going to lose the next election - another reason why things might well boil over should there be a hung Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Chris - Great to see you today, and thanks for turning out at 0800 for this demonstration. Here's the press release and photo just issued by NO2ID:

Andrew Watson
Joint NO2ID Cambridge coordinator
07710 469624