Friday, January 29, 2010

Kelvin Close application turned down

The planning application to turn two established semi-detached houses in Kelvin close into a housing development of 8 four-bedroomed, three storey town houses has been turned down by Council planning officers. Main concerns were the development being out of character with the area, and drainage concerns, on a site in a relatively low-lying area, next to a drainage ditch.

Many congratulations to all those involved - resident representatives made a very powerful case at the recent development control forum on this application, which will clearly have had an impact.

The Conservatives have long been campaigning against 'garden grabbing', and upped the pressure last year - we shouldn't be turning established family houses into high density housing estates, without sufficient open space, parking or drainage - it has been a significant contributor to the glut of flats and shortage of family housing around the country. After years of dithering on the topic, the government finally announced they would be changing planning policy guidance to recognise the problem - although it is not clear when they will take effect.

I strongly opposed this proposed development, and am currently following up with the planning department to campaign for better policies locally to protect Cambridge from garden grabbing proposals.


Frugal Dougal said...

And it's shoebox-houses packed into estates that started prices escalating unsustainably.

NickW said...

I am genuinely surprised this has been turned down. As Dougal says it would have been shoebox houses. As we know shoebox houses are ideal Student accomodation and Student votes typically represent Lib Dem votes (Labour having alienated the student vote / voting Tory is just so not cool).

Not that I would ever dream of accusing the current adminstration of operating housing policies that might look like Gerrymandering...