Thursday, January 14, 2010

Davy Road fence update

Plans to repair fencing between Davy Road and Brackyn and Corrie Roads are back on track after a slight hiccup when the 'Safer City' grant application (which also covers new lighting in the passageway between Corrie Road and Brackyn Road) was realised not to include the stretch behind the Davy Road garages, as Chris had asked for but which would have taken the grant application value over the £5000 limit.

(We really need to get a grip of public sector procurement - these figures are always unbelievably high!)

The council has apparently now found "alternative sources of funding", which means the full works can be undertaken.

The exact plan for the fencing is:
  1. To remove existing chain-link fencing and install 23.5m of "hit and miss" fencing to the rear of the Davy Road garages; and
  2. To clear the shrubbery, the broken/rotten wooden fencing and install 22m of close board fencing to the side of the flats (i.e. behind the Davy Road flats).
It's taken a long time to get here, after being raised by Chris back in 2007, before he was elected, and including a question by me at the East Area Committee 'open forum' in July. This follows our successful campaign for signs to guide cyclists and pedestrians through the area without getting lost (yes it does happen)!

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Frugal Dougal said...

As you say it's too easy to get lost in that area - those signs for cyclists are invaluable!