Monday, February 15, 2010

The City Council is taking itself to court

Truly remarkable story in the CEN today - the City Council is effectively taking itself to court in a judicial review in order to correct a mistake made by the planning department over amended plans for the Tim Brinton site in Coleridge.

I wasn't going to comment on this until the situation was resolved and we know the final cost to taxpayers, but now the CEN has picked this up, I have to say it is yet more evidence that the Lib Dems running Cambridge just aren't capable of managing the basics of planning. They need to get to grips with the problems caused by the flawed s106 planning agreements they made for sites like the station area and indeed the Tim Brinton site, stop trying to force Marshall's off the airport to build thousands of houses on this totally unsuitable location, and concentrate on delivering high quality family homes, with the full informed consent of local people, and with the transport infrastructure we need to support these.

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Nick W said...

Look on the bright Side. This is 2-3 days work for a Barrister at £2K a day. I am sure the ratepayers of Cambridge are more than happy to see their money filling lawyers pockets in these times. The Legal Profession are feeling the pinch too.

Now there is a good piece of investigative journalism / research.

How much does Cambridge Spend on external Counsel and for what purposes?