Thursday, February 4, 2010

Consultation on Use of Open Spaces

Following concerns raised over the impact of large events on the Council's parks and open spaces, especially the historic central parks and commons, the Council has been putting together a new policy that would classify events, and limit the numbers of each size of event, to avoid undue damage to the commons, and to avoid too much inconvenience to park users. They are now consulting on what exactly those limits should be - I urge anyone interested to complete the consultation linked below by 22nd February. Over to the Council:

"The Council oversees a range of events on parks and open space which provide cultural, recreational, social and community benefit. While such events are an important part of the life of the City, the Council balances decisions to host events with the interests of local communities and to ensure public land is adequately protected.

The framework considers both major and smaller events organised both by the Council and other providers. The purpose of this framework is to propose the type, quantity and scale of events most suitable for certain categories of open space.

The framework asks people to suggest an upper limit for certain sizes of events on larger parks and open spaces which will help the Council regulate demand where it is heaviest. This approach will also assist in suggesting alternative sites for different types of events, and promoting use of a wider range of neighbourhood facilities where these are appropriate.

The findings from this survey will be used to inform proposals for the events framework which will be presented for consideration by Area Committees and Community Services Scrutiny Committee before a decision is made by the Executive Councillor for Arts and Recreation.

The Council is seeking the views of stakeholder groups and members of the public on the following aspects:
1. The classification and definition of events
2. The suggested number of events for each park listed.
The consultation is available at this link"

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