Monday, July 26, 2010

Cambridge Gateway and Hills Road

Coleridge residents will already be aware of the latest works on Hills Road bridge. When the bridge was being restored after the recent guided bus works the opportunity was taken to trial new cycling arrangements over the bridge. Now the Cambridge Gateway project designed to create a new bus, pedestrian and cycle link to the railway station area is in progress and includes a new permanent layout for the bridge with more cycling provision.

There are traffic restrictions in place such as a ban on turns from Hills Road into Brooklands Avenue and no overtaking of cyclists on the bridge in the single lane on the bridge. All the work is expected to finish in February 2011 and work on the bridge is anticipated to be finished by Christmas.

We are anxious that the no overtaking restriction is observed. We previously secured CCTV for this purpose but to doubtful effect. It would be easier to solve the problem if cyclists had the confidence to ride in the middle of the lane in this situation but that rarely seems to happen.

More information is available on the county council website: layout and briefing note.

Personally I think the new layout is far too complicated and would be happier cycling over the bridge without any cycle lanes at all but I accept that is a minority preference. Let's hope when the work is finished that it proves to be worth the money!


Ed. said...

I agree - I'd prefer no cycle lanes going over the bridge, given the width restrictions!

Equinox said...

Please can someone put some enforcement cameras up by the bay outside the Leisure Park at the Citi3 bus stop heading towards Cherry Hinton to stop drivers from making things awkward for us bus users.

It's a big hazard for us bus users. (That and I'm sure the Council could do with the revenue it'd get from all of those cars that illegally park in a bus stop).

Apologies for the rant but every time I'm on the C3 there's always a car parked there meaning buses cannot pull in to let passengers off or onto the pavement.