Friday, July 9, 2010

Planning website and Cherry Hinton Road vets

The city council's new planning website is an excellent way to find lots of information about current and past planning applications in the city. However, there does seem to be a bit of a lag in updating the status of applications so watch out not to be misled! Let's hope the city council can get this apparent glitch sorted out soon.

Earlier this year we reported that due to an unfortunate set of circumstances the city council had lost the ability to make a local decision on the application to the inspectorate in Bristol. That appeal was unsuccessful. Looking up the application 08/1501/FUL on the public access web page it says "Appeal In Progress" although there is an attached document that shows that the appeal failed.

The prospective developer issued a new application, 10/0087/FUL in February. This new application was more acceptable to residents in neighbouring properties and was approved by the planning committee on 2nd June but the application is still shown as "Pending Consideration" on the web site.

In short, well done to the city council for a good new facility! Let's hope it proves to be good value for money and that its various issues can be sorted out.

Meanwhile many people will be in no hurry to see the vets disappear...


Equinox said...

Bigger smile Andrew, or you may end up on this site:

(Who says politics can't be fun?)

Andrew Bower said...

Fair point, Equinox! :D