Friday, July 9, 2010

New Phone Mast Planned for Davy Road

As part of their mast sharing agreement, Vodafone and O2 would like to install a new base station on Davy Road to improve 3G reception in the area. The base station would include cabinets and a 13.8m high mast, and be located on Davy Road near the recreation ground and the junction with Coleridge Road - there is an existing T-Mobile mast a few metres down from the proposed site.

The phone companies have contacted Councillors to ask is we have any questions or concerns, ahead of a planning application expected shortly.

Having looked at the evidence, I don't think mobile phone base stations pose a significant risk to health - and certainly not a significant additional risk to that from existing radio sources (or from mobile phone usage itself, which is now nearly universal).

People who don't like the idea of a new 13.8m high column on Davy Road may not be keen on these plans, those looking for better 3G coverage in the area on O2 and Vodafone will be more keen! As ever, let me know if you have any comments of specific concerns to raise ahead of the planning application.

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