Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cambridgeshire Tories well represented in blog awards

The independent 2010 Total Politics blog awards are out for the top Conservative blogs and Cambridgeshire Tories feature well.

This 'Cherry Hinton Road' blog has entered at number 74 while over on Perne Road Coleridge branch chairman, Richard Normington, has moved up from 90 to 64 (well done, Richard!)

The full local list is:

21 (27) Steve Tierney
40 (50) Steve Barclay MP
59 (88) Ellee Seymour
64 Richard Normington
67 (77) Tales from a Draughty Old Fen
74 Your Coleridge Conservative Action Team

(Today also marks four months since Labour's last local blog post.)


Equinox said...

Given the split of the votes at the general election, it's a shame that there's not a more vibrant "politics" scene within Cambridge both online and outside the confines of the councils' chambers.

It would be good to have local "Question Time" sessions - say once every four months in different parts of the city to get people talking about some of the big things that are happening in and around the city.

Chris Howell said...

In fairness to the Council, I think they would say the Area committees are effectively a question time forum - unfortunately they are also a lot more besides which reduces their general appeal.

That said, I do like the idea of a more general 'Question Time', or even themed meetings with panels of representatives from various parties...

Equinox said...

Woo hoo!

Cambridge = Worst clone town in the country! (Not sure whether the authors made it down Mill Road...)