Monday, September 20, 2010

Selected for Coleridge by-election

Local Conservatives have selected me to defend the Coleridge by-election on 4 November. I have stood in Coleridge at the last two local elections, coming a close second on both occasions. I will be putting the case for a Conservative voice on the city council.

When Chris Howell was elected to represent Coleridge in 2008 he took the number of Conservative councillors from nil to one and the beneficial results were immediately clear. At council meetings the debates were better for the presence of a Conservative voice (all the other councillors are from left-of-centre parties) and local ward councillors were not able to take the seat for granted.

I am in a good position to campaign for Coleridge residents having already been a key player working closely with Chris on campaigns such as against congestion charging, against the development of Marshall airport, for safe cycling, pointing out the problems of the 'Speedwatch' vigilante scheme, reporting many minor local issues to the local authorities, getting involved with the meetings aimed at mitigating problems around Tiverton Way and requesting resurfacing work on Mill Road and Cherry Hinton Road.

If you are a Coleridge resident please do get in touch with your priorities for the ward and the city council or if you could help our campaign then please give me a ring on Cambridge 750002 or e-mail me at Thank you.


Nick W said...

I am neither a Coleridge resident or Cambridge City Resident. Infact in 3 weeks time I will no longer be a UK Resident!

However I wish you the very best of luck. That mad circus infested with corrupt anti democratic Lib Dems and ineffectual comatose labour opposition needs at least one voice to try and expose whats really going on.

Andrew Bower said...

Thanks for your comment, Nick. Sadly I didn't make it this time but I'll be keeping up the pressure on wasteful council spending.