Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Exclusive: Conservatives call for Special Meeting of East Area Committee

Cambridge Conservatives are calling for a special meeting of East Area committee to consider the options open to the Council to enforce planning conditions relating to the proposed new Tesco store on Mill Road.

I have written to the Council's Chief Executive:

"In accordance with Section 4a paragraph 43.1 of the Council's Constitution I would like to formally request that a special meeting of East Area Committee is held as soon as possible to consider the options for dealing with Tesco's announcement that they intend to ignore the planning condition on deliveries when they open their new store on Mill Road.

I would also like to request that a briefing is arranged prior to the meeting for members of East Area committee to cover the Council's understanding and advice received about this situation."

I understand other members of East Area committee also intend to call for this meeting, that could result in a course of action being agreed prior to Tesco's planned opening of the new store.

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Martin said...

contains plenty of evidence of what is going on!