Friday, August 7, 2009

More events on Coleridge Rec?

The Council is finally making progress on looking at the capacity of the City's central parks to host events, and to put limits on the numbers of events of a particular size that will be allowed to avoid too much damage to the parks and complaints from local residents, and will shortly go out to wider consultation with proposals.

One effect of this will be a focus on the less central parks and open spaces, where there may be underused capacity to host events. Coldhams Common, for example, could potentially host more major or large events.

In Coleridge, there are currently no formally approved events held on the Recreation Ground, although it has been suggested that the rec could potentially be used for small festival type events, (similar to the Cherry Hinton Festival or Arbury Carnival - subject to people coming forward to organise a new event obviously!), but there is the question of whether any disruption to the rec or local residents would outweigh the benefits of having more local events.

If anyone has any suggestions as to whether more events on the rec would be appreciated locally, and if so what types, or any other suggestions as to how the rec can be improved, please be in touch.

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