Friday, August 28, 2009

Police Respond to Speed Priority

The police have been in action today on Coleridge Road checking for speeding vehicles, following the successful campaign by Andy Bower to make speeding on residential roads a neighbourhood policing priority.

East Area neighbourhood Sargeant Mark Kathro issued at least one ticket for significantly exceeding the 30mph speed limit, after several previous sessions of speed checks by our PCSOs that resulted in advice being issued to residents.

I don't want to see the police issuing any tickets, but exceeding the 30mph speed limit on residential roads is socially unacceptable and increases the risk of any collision causing serious injuries - many people we speak to want action to stop drivers breaking the speed limit. The message needs to be spread far and wide that if you speed on residential roads in Coleridge you could get a ticket, so please just don't do it.

Many thanks to Mark and his team for following up on this neighbourhood priority - if communicating the message that action is being taken results in fewer people breaking the speed limit, it will be a good result in terms of residents concerns being taken into account, community engagement by the neighbourhood policing team, and real action resulting from this.

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