Friday, June 19, 2009

Birdwood Road Antisocial Behaviour

The police and Councils need to get a grip of problems with anti-social behaviour in the Birdwood Road/St Thomas Rd area of Coleridge.

For months residents have been complaining of problems from a group of young people, with allegations of intimidation, late night noise, vandalism, underage drinking and drunkenness and various traffic offences involving mopeds.

Sadly last Saturday this escalated into an incident that a police response team was called to, and I understand two local residents were arrested following some type of alleged altercation.

It is clearly now a matter for the police to investigate the incident that occurred, but I am concerned about how effective the police and Council have been in responding to previous complaints about anti-social behaviour. I have already asked the new neighbour Sargeant for East Area to report back on what incidents have been reported in the area recently, and have asked the City Council to deploy its mobile CCTV cameras in the area to try calming down the situation, and hold a residents meeting.

I do know that local residents are very unhappy, and want effective action.

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