Friday, June 5, 2009

Live Blogging the Count

We will try to do some live blogging from inside the Cambridge City Count.

The process started around 9.30am. 

The first task is to count the number of European ballot papers, to check the number of votes in the box is roughly the same as the number of ballot papers issued at each polling station. This is taking hours - we think other parts of the County are some way ahead. Although there was a separate ballot box for European papers, they are now looking for the few stray Euro papers that found their way in to the County Council boxes.

The European ballot papers will then be stored away uncounted until the European Count on Sunday.

Only when this has been done can they start verifying and counting the votes for the 14 County Council divisions and the City Council by-election in East Chesterton. Results expected to start coming in from around 3pm.

The only information so far is that we think Coleridge turnout is up on last years 39ish % - possibly over 50%

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